Monday, August 15, 2022
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CIPAC Products

CIPAC manufacturing Vitrified clay pipes ranging in diameter from 100 mm up to 1000 mm and planning to produce 1200 mm soon.

Length of Pipes

VCP are produced into various lengths ranging from 1.5 meter to 2 meter.The laying length of the pipe is an economical factor; according to European standards (EN295) pipes should not be less by 1% than the nominal length and not more than 4% of the nominal length.

Standards of the Products

Strength according to the classes mentioned in standard.

Manhole Connectors (Short Pipes)

The short pipes used for manhole connection to provide flexibility in the pipeline:
Entrance short pipe GZ with 75 cm length.
Exit short pipe GA with 75 cm length.
Wall short pipe GE with 25 cm length.

Bends and Junctions

This fitting is to enable the drop of a pipeline from a high ground level to a lower ground level connected by manhole using Y or T junction backdrops can be available with bend of 45 or 90 degree.

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